Getting to the heArt of the matter

The Jo'Burg Ballet Company dancer

Soweto community ballet classes.

The Joburg Ballet development programme  would like to help young people. Headed by Fiona Brown, this programme teaches over 500 children in Melville, Braamfontein and Eersterus. She sees the project as an alternative to the hardship of growing up. In an article in the Mail and Guardian, Brown is positive about where the programme is heading but believes the training needs to start earlier.

“In the private studios we start the dancers as young as three years old. At that age they aren’t dancing. We’re preparing their bodies to start ballet. It starts with an hour of stretching and then an hour of just working feet and turnout and then, when they’re ready, they get into their ballet class.

“We have our dreams and that would be really to have our own dedicated Cuban school [teaching the Cuban method of dance] where we can keep the children full time, a boarding school if possible. It is the only way to go to produce what the world is expecting from dancers now.”

We think getting young people into the arts is really worthwhile! Look at the gallery of pictures that we discovered.