Chapati Recipe

Chapatis are very simple to make because of the few ingredients needed during the process and very basic too. However, in order to enjoy it more, one has to add certain flavours and also use a special technique, so as to give them that little onff!! So this is how, I make my chapatis.


Chapati flour or ordinary flour

Luke warm water

1 onion

1 pinch of salt

cooking oil


1)Get your flour in a bowl, and add some salt and chopped onions in order to add some flavour. Make sure the onions are chopped very thinly, so as not to cause holes in the chapati while rolling them.

2)Start mixing the dough with a bit of luke warm water. Pour a little, as you go, so as to ensure that there is just enough water to make a good dough. Continue kneading the chapati until its soft enough.

3) Add 2 or 3 table spoonfuls of oil, in order to make it a little bit more softer and keep kneading. Once the flour stops sticking on your hands, then you will know that its ready to start making small ball shapes

4) After getting a nice smooth dough, put it in a bowl and cover it with a cloth up to 20 minutes. Then start tearing it into small round shapes. Get a nice flat surface and sprinkle some flour on the surface to avoid the dough sticking while you roll the balls into thin round circles as long as they are not too thin (around 4mm thick) It could be tricky making round shapes at your first attempt. but don’t worry, practice makes perfect.

5) Add a few teaspoons of oil on your frying pan and wait for it to get hot. Put your first chapati, and keep flipping it until it turns golden brown. It will make a few bubbles as you fry, which shows its cooking well. As you fry, keep adding oil on the parts that are not cooking yet. If it starts getting some dark places, flip it over and ensure that both sides are well cooked.

6) When done with all your chapatis, cover them up with a cloth on a plate and let them cool a bit. At last, your chapatis are ready to eat. Chapatis are usually great with any kind of stew. Whether beef, chicken, beans or even plain. Enjoy!