At the heart of the issue

ReAfrica Art Issue

Two things happened as we worked on the ReAfrica art issue.

One was that the amount of interest that we gained with the Art theme was very encouraging. It showed us there is in fact room for a platform such as ReAfrica. Our aim is to showcase the incredible and talented. We speak to artists, creatives, musicians, innovators and entrepreneurs of African heritage across the globe. We feel particularly pleased to have covered a bit of ground  in this issue.

It has been hugely exciting to meet, speak to, or interview the artists and gallery owners in this issue.

Secondly, with our theme of African Art, we wanted to explore the authenticity of the term contemporary African Art.

We asked the question, what is African art?

Is it truly contemporary or  another means of looking at traditional art? We invited our artists to comment on whether their art was wholly African. Or was it the culmination of several influences gained from a global village. We had interesting answers. While not definitive, they certainly created space for further discourse. 

At the heart of it all, art and creativity invites us to learn more about ourselves, ask questions about society and our place in it, reflect on our choices and hopefully make better ones as we grow. Our artists use their work to hold up a mirror, I hope that as we look, we are pleased with what we see.

Read about contemporary artists in the ReAfrica art issue. Explore their process, styles and discover their inspiration.

We also speak to gallery owners who champion the artists and help to bring African art to a wider community. Meet Sofia Martin, the founder of The Next Canvas. She spoke to us about how she was inspired to start this online gallery which features the best in Ethiopian art.

Tell us who inspires you most or who you would like us to interview next?