ReAfrica about Africa

Rethink, Rebrand, ReAfrica

We think Africa is GREAT. Amazing continent and people, we are on a mission to convince everyone else that there is MORE to it, than we are often led to believe.  Surely over ONE BILLION people in the continent and in the diaspora  have more than the single story of  ‘war, poverty and negativity’ as a legacy. It is time to ReThink!
Our BIG  BOLD vision is to place the continent firmly on the global agenda by in showcasing its amazing people, music, fashion,  culture, media, innovation, businesses etc .  AND we want you to join the conversation if you haven’t already, and our movement to rebrand Africa
Simply put, ReAfrica is a collaboration of voices bringing you the best, the most inspiring, and innovative in African culture, business and technology
Our team of creatives come with a love for Africa and the shared vision to present it to the world as they see it.