Happy New Year to our readers.. we promise to do the following:

It is a New Year for us

Happy New Year and a great big thank you to all our supporters particularly  over the past year of publishing ReAfrica Magazine. We have an amazing time learning, growing and adapting as we discover what works and what doesn’t.

Thank you all for the support in 2016. We have had a wonderful year – getting to interview extremely interesting artists, creatives and entrepreneurs. We have taken visual journeys across the continent, learning about the people, the food, the art, the fashion and their culture. We have taken a brief look behind the lens at the movies and film that come out Africa.

In 2017, we are going to spend the first quarter finding out what our readers want to read, watch and do. Tell us how you want to engage with ReAfrica! And then we will relaunch a new improved magazine in a few months with what we hope will be, not only entertaining, educative but also useful to you.  Africa is changing, with the landscape shifting daily. Innovation and entrepreneurship are not just buzzwords,  indeed they are the catalyst for transformation in the continent.

As I write this, I am in Lagos, Nigeria, an African ‘megacity’. I have just come back from driving around Lagos island. The island with well paved streets, resplendent Christmas street decorations, beautiful properties and home to the super rich. There are many parts of Africa that rival any Western city. Certainly, they deserve to be showcased as we aim to present authentic images and information of the continent. At the same time we are not oblivious to the ills and injustices that exist; shining a light on all the different areas can only lead to a process of positive change.

This year we commit to:

Bring you the best and brightest people of African descent

Tell more of the stories you want to read

Take you to more of the places you want to visit

Bring you more of the vibrant culture to  love

Help you discover and take advantage of opportunities that exist in the continent, and

Show you how YOU can be a part of the transformation

Tell us how you want to engage with ReAfrica

We look forward to hearing from you