African Fashion Issue

The Fashion Issue

The Fashion Issue

We wanted the pictures to tell the story of how vibrant, innovative and colourful the African fashion landscape is today.  Fashion Issue is all about the visuals and we do have some beautiful photography! We feature designers who taking inspiration from their heritage and past, are committed to building a future for others. For instance Onomé Otite we feature Onomé Otite, a textile artist who is inspired by world cultures

Onomé Otite presents a series of illustrations using Wax Print Fabric. These three-dimensional works explore craft and collage in art textiles; shaping, moulding, sculpting and stitching materials to decorate hand drawn figures, creating the illusion of depth and movement. The use of Wax Print, colourful cotton cloth, hot waxed and dyed (Batik Printing), pays homage to the artist’s Nigerian ancestry; and designs inspired by the traditional West African textiles she has encountered. Each figure reflects the many characters of the styled West African woman.

We present socially conscious individuals who are merging fashion with a social ethos – creating employment and opportunities for the financially, marginalized yet, talented tailors and seamstresses. They espouse the idea that fashion changes the world.



Traditional Sotho Fashion Show – Photo Credit Leanri Van Heerden

A visual journey of Bloemfontein

We visit Bloemfontein, South Africa, the ‘city of flowers’ taking you on a visual journey that combines images of a stunning landscape with a gritty urban reality. The images by Refemetswe Vincent Setenane, a photographer and our ‘My City’ contributor introduces us to downtown Bloem. Discover things to do, places to go, stay and eat. Bloemfontein is the capital of Free State Province and one of three South Africa’s national capitals, including Cape Town and Pretoria.

The regular ‘love what you do’ section

We have our regular ‘love what you do’ section with interviews of those who are not only following their passions but are motivating others to make their own dreams a reality.

Fashion Issue gallery

It was Mercedes Benz African Fashion in Johannesburg and we really wish we were there, but alas, that wasn’t to be the case! We did get a bit of a taste from our community builder who graced the catwalk with her designs. As we couldn’t be there, we did the next best thing, feature the images from the event. Feast on the beautiful designs and discover the amazing talents Africa has to offer in the gallery.