Afrobeats: A sound of Africa

afrobeat the sound of africa

The BBC published a short article about African music titled Afrobeats : London latest craze’ in which they referred to the late Nigerian musician Fela Kuti who coined the term Afro beat in the 70’s.

This present recurrence is a mixture of various sounds including hip hop, reggae and house. The name is also different, now called Afrobeats and the inflammatory political messages that was found in Fela’s music, is less so now.

Instead Afrobeats 21st-century melting pot of western rap influences, and contemporary Ghanaian and Nigerian pop music, is becoming the staple in the African social scene, it is the music played in ‘African’ parties, events and clubs, rapidly edging out western music It is described as the ‘new sound of the UK underground, reworking the African pop of Fela Kuti for kids reared on grime, hip-hop and funky house’.

The music appeals to a generation of under-18s looking for an alternative to British urban pop music. African parents are pleased their children are embracing the culture, through its music and Afrobeats musicians are reaching not just young Africans in the continent but also in the Diaspora.

Afrobeats seems to be developing a universal appeal, as it’s being embraced not just by Africans, Caribbean but also some British folk!   A friend of mine, who is of Chinese descent, tells me that his son who manages a club in the city plays Afrobeats regularly.

How is that for international appeal?